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Department of Pediatric Dentistry

Head of Department

Prof. dr hab. n. med. Dorota Olczak-Kowalczyk




The scope of medical activities

Pediatric dentistry, including prophylaxis of oral diseases, diagnostics and treatment of oral diseases in children and adolescents, including caries and non-carious lesions of the nature of abrasions and erosion of teeth, malformations and traumatic injuries of teeth, pulp diseases and inflammatory complications in peritoneal tissues, gum and mucosa diseases.

Comprehensive dental care covers those children and adolescents who are generally healthy and those with chronic general diseases. Dental diagnostics and treatment are carried out in cooperation with specialists in other fields of dentistry, including orthodontics, periodontics, dental surgery and prosthetics, and paediatrics.

The department has modern dental equipment that allows endodontic treatment with the use of a dental microscope, radiological diagnostics and sedation with nitrous oxide.

The scope of didactic activity

  • pediatric dentistry,
  • dental prophylaxis,
  • organization of the work of the dental office

Other activities

Pro-health education and epidemiological research under the project financed by the Ministry of Health, entitled Monitoring the health of the Polish population “

Conducted scientific work

  • correlations between general diseases and the health of the oral cavity,
  • research in the field of epidemiology of oral diseases,
  • early childhood caries risk factors,
  • effectiveness of prophylactic and therapeutic procedures in caries disease, molar-incisal hypomineralization and tooth injuries,
  • evaluation of dental materials and drugs

Didactic achievements

Pre-graduate training for students in the field of medicine and dentistry and dental hygiene in the field of pediatric dentistry and dental prophylaxis, postgraduate training – postgraduate internships, specialization and partial internships in the field of pediatric dentistry, specialization courses:

  • Periodontal and oral mucosa diseases in children and adolescents – etiology, diagnosis and treatment.
  • Traumatic dental and craniofacial in children and adolescents
  • Oncology of the oral cavity and the facial part of the skull in developmental age
Organization of training workshops and scientific-training conferences in cooperation with external stakeholders.