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Department of Orthodontics

Head of Department

Prof. dr hab. n. med.
Małgorzata Zadurska


22 116 64 54

22 116 64 56



The scope of medical activities

In terms of clinical activity, patients are treated orthodontically using:

– removable appliances as part of orthodontic services for children and youth up to 18 years of age,

– removable appliances and fixed appliances as part of the “Program of orthodontic care for children with congenital defects of the facial part of the skull”,

– removable appliances and appliances braces as part of commercial services for children over 12 years of age and adult patients.

The scope of didactic activity

– at the Faculty of Dental Medicine: didactics in the field of dental medicine for students of the 2nd, 4th and 5th year of studies, in the field of dental techniques for students of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year of studies, in the field of dental hygiene for students of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year of studies in the field of dental medicine of the English Dentistry Division for students of the 2nd, 4th and 5th year of studies,

– at the Faculty of Medicine: subject Maxillofacial surgery and dental propaedeutics for students of the third year of studies in the field of medicine and English Division Medicine

– at the Faculty of Medical Sciences: subject Orthodontics for 1st year students of General and Clinical Speech Therapy at the University of Warsaw and the Medical University of Warsaw.

Other activities

The Department of Orthodontics operates student scientific circle.

Conducted scientific work

– Diagnosis and treatment of patients with multiple congenital defects of tooth buds, including genetic and trichological tests.

Assessment of the effect of the number and location of missing permanent tooth buds on selected length parameters of the facial cranium in patients with permanent tooth agenesis.

Early rehabilitation of infants and young children with Down syndrome using a modified palatal stimulation plate.

– Assessment of the condition of the masticatory system and occlusal conditions in children of mothers after liver and kidney transplantation.

Assessment of oral hygiene, taking into account the colonization with Candida yeasts in patients of developmental age using fixed and removable orthodontic appliances.

Diagnosis and treatment of cleft lip and palate and other congenital malformations of the facial part of the skull. Orthodontic treatment with new diagnostic and therapeutic methods.

– Assessment of the impact of orthodontic treatment on the incidence of gingival recession in the incisors and mandibular canines.

Assessment of the chemical stability of orthodontic adhesive systems depending on the temperature and ph of the external environment.

Usefulness of aesthetic indicators in planning orthodontic treatment with the use of permanent tooth extraction.

– Abnormalities of the eruption of molars and ectopic eruption of the maxillary first molar.

Didactic achievements

Good results of our students’ dental medicine examination.

Training of specialists in the field of orthodontics (12-resident accreditation places in the field of orthodontics, postgraduate specialization courses).

Healing achievements

The use of modern methods and techniques of orthodontic treatment, e.g. hyrax appliances and face masks for jaw protraction, use of skeletal anchorage, use of stimulation plates in children with Down syndrome.

Team treatment of malocclusion and dental abnormalities in cooperation with other UCS and MUW departments, e.g. orthognathic treatment of morphological defects in cooperation with the Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic, patients with periodontitis with the Department of Periodontal and Mucosa Diseases, patients with permanent dentition agenesis with the Department Prosthodontics, children with congenital facial defects of the skull with the Department of Pediatric Dentistry.

Events, awards, social functions


Scientific conference organized by the Department of Orthodontics of the Medical University of Warsaw, the Circle of the Orthodontic Section of the Warsaw PTS and the Polish Orthodontic Society, combined with the unveiling of a commemorating plaque of the figure of Professor Antonina Orlik-Grzybowska – 27/02/2015, Warsaw


Professor Małgorzata Zadurska is a provincial consultant and editor-in-chief of the Orthodontic Forum magazine.

Dr hab. Ewa Czochrowska is the President, and Dr. Konrad Perkowski is the treasurer of the Polish Orthodontic Society.

Prof. Małgorzata Zadurska, Dr. Konrad Perkowski and Dr. Ewa Sobieska are members of the medical commission at the Commissioner of Patients’ Right in the Mazovia Voivodeship.

Professor Małgorzata Zadurska is the coordinator, while Dr. Magdalena Marczyńska-Stolarek, Dr. Ewa Sobieska and Dr. Agnieszka Jurek are members of the working group for caries prevention in the population of orthodontically treated patients under the ACFF.


Rector’s didactic and scientific awards, individual and team awards for academic teachers from the Department of Orthodontics.

Medals (bronze, silver and gold) for Long Service.

Honorary badges “For contributions to health protection”

Medal of the National Education Commission

Honorary silver and gold badge of the Polish Dental Society

Bronze and Silver Cross of Merit


Head of Department

– prof. dr hab. n. med. Małgorzata Zadurska

Assistant professors and assistants:

– dr hab. n. med. Ewa Czochrowska

– dr n. med. Małgorzata Laskowska

– dr n. med. Magdalena Marczyńska-Stolarek

– dr n. med. Aleksandra Myrda

– dr n. med. Konrad Perkowski

– dr n. med. Ewa Sobieska

– dr n. med. Joanna Witanowska

– lek. dent. Justyna Cieślak

– lek. dent. Martyna Czerkies

– lek. dent. Agnieszka Jurek

– lek. dent. Edyta Kalina

– lek. stom. Dorota Kuśmierczyk

– lek. dent. Joanna Pasak

– lek. dent. Magdalena Szałwińska

– lek. dent. Anna Szpinda-Barczyńska

– lek. dent. Paulina Tokarska

– lek. stom. Monika Walerzak

– lek. dent. Anna Widmańska-Grzywaczewska

Doctoral student:

– lek. dent. Elżbieta Borzymowska-Sawicka


– mgr Agnieszka Urbankowska

Coordinating nurse:

– Iwona Wojtyła

Dental assistants:

– Dorota Lewandowska

– Monika Rutka

– Wierzchowska Anna

Dental technicians:

– Justyna Pankiewicz-Piekarczyk

– Jacek Rost


– Anna Daszkowska