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Department of Oral Hygiene

Head of Department

Prof. dr hab. n. med. Sylwia Słotwińska


(22) 116 64 64



The scope of didactic activity

Department of Oral Hygiene is a place specially dedicated to students of Dental Hygiene. The Department conducts classes in the field of educational requirements for the profession of dental hygienist based on the required standards and learning outcomes. Students learn the organization of work in the conditions of a dentist’s office, dental assistance, a holistic approach to the patient, treatments in the field of preventive and therapeutic clinical management in a multidirectional dimension, taking into account the core curriculum for the profession of dental hygienist, and acquire soft skills during interpersonal communication with patients.

The scope of medical activities

The medical activity of the Department is closely related to the teaching of undergraduate students in the field of Dental Hygiene at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry of the Medical University of Warsaw, as well as with the conduct of summer student internships and training courses for graduates of all dental fields. Patients are invited to participate in the didactic process during clinical classes, where students perform procedures in the field of professional dental prophylaxis under the supervision of doctors – assistants, employees of the Department. We perform professional removal of dental plaque above and below the gingiva (gums) as well as preventive tooth varnishing. Particular attention is paid to professional instruction in oral hygiene, which is carried out using the latest tools for home oral hygiene and teeth cleaning techniques personalized individually for each patient.
The algorithm of the system of follow-up visits introduced in the Department allows for a detailed assessment of the treatment’s effects and each time for the implementation of individual prophylactic measures both in the field of tooth decay prevention, as well as gum disease and periodontitis, and modern anti-smoking prophylaxis and activities aimed at preventing diseases of the oral mucosa, with particular emphasis on cancer prevention.

Other activities

At the Department of Oral Hygiene, there is a Student Scientific Circle for the Promotion of Oral Health, enabling students to conduct scientific research and expand medical knowledge beyond the standard of education requirements during interesting discussions and scientific panels.

Conducted scientific work

The directions of scientific research conducted at the Department of Oral Hygiene include issues related to health promotion, with particular emphasis on the prevention of oral diseases in terms of general health and civilization threats. These are mainly clinical and epidemiological studies in the field of dental education and prevention of oral diseases, as well as patient surveys about the role of interdental hygiene in maintaining oral cavity health. Additionally, in cooperation with the Department of Conservative Dentistry, in the Department of Oral Hygiene, experimental studies are conducted to assess the antibacterial and adhesive properties of the 8th generation modified bonding systems. In the future, clinical and laboratory tests related to the early diagnosis of dental, gum and periodontal diseases are planned, including the assessment of indicators and mediators of immunity and research on the importance of factors modifying the prevention of oral diseases, such as eating habits or social and economic conditions, and also research on the role of dietary supplements containing probiotics and prebiotics and synbiotics in the treatment of oral cavity diseases, with particular emphasis on gingivitis in patients using fixed orthodontic appliances.

Didactic achievements

Department of Oral Hygiene is the only such academic institution in the higher education in Poland, which educates students of Dental Hygiene at the university level to such a wide extent.

Healing achievements

The education of Oral Hygiene students enables the introduction to the health care system of highly qualified medical personnel, whose competencies are aimed at conducting a very broadly understood preventive and therapeutic activity as well as health education and promotion of oral health.


Head of Department
prof. dr hab. n. med. Sylwia Słotwińska

Assistant professor
dr hab. n. med. Małgorzata Nędzi-Góra

lek. dent. Marta Kaźmierczyk-Winciorek
lek. dent. Alicja Aluchna

Engineering-technical worker
dypl. hig. stom. Anna Kowalczyk

specialist Jolanta Zagórowska