Department of Periodontal and Oral Mucosa Diseases

Head of Department

Prof. dr hab. n. med.
Renata Górska


22 116 64 31


The scope of medical activity

The Department provides a full range of periodontal treatment and mucosal diseases for patients under the National Health Fund, as well as on a commercial basis. As part of its activities, the Department cooperates with other units of the University Dentistry Center and Medical Center of the Medical University of Warsaw, as well as – if necessary – with other laboratory and clinical institutions. Due to the didactic nature of the institution, the procedures provided in the undergraduate curriculum are performed by students under the supervision of the teaching assistant. Procedures above the teaching standard performed by a specialist doctor may take place under the observation of student groups or be recorded for the purpose of such observation.


The scope of didactic activities

Undergraduate teaching

The Department conducts classes for students of the Faculty of Dental Medicine and the Faculty of Medicine, English Dentistry Division and English Division.

Students of the Faculty of Medicine and English Division give lectures in the course of propaedeutics of dentistry in the third year of studies. Students of the Faculty of Medicine and English Dentistry Division attend the following classes at the Department:

2nd year of studies:
Chewing organ physiology – lectures, seminars and tutorials

Periodontics and mucosal diseases – seminars and tutorials

3rd year of studies:

Periodontics and mucosal diseases– lectures, seminars and tutorials

4th year of studies:

Periodontics and mucosal diseases– lectures, seminars and tutorials

Oral pathology – seminars and tutorials

5th year of studies:

Periodontics and mucosal diseases – seminars and tutorials

Gerostomatology – tutorials

Undergraduate teaching in periodontics ends with practical and test examinations held during the examination session of the IX semester (winter).

Postgraduate teaching

The department conducts an internship in periodontics for doctors completing a postgraduate internship at the University Dental Center. The department conducts classes as part of doctoral studies for listeners of the Doctoral Studies of the Medical University of Warsaw. He is accredited to conduct a specialization internship in periodontology and organizes specialization courses certified by the Medical Center of Postgraduate Education.

Other activities

The employees of the Department conduct educational activities aimed at promoting oral health and preventing periodontitis and mucosa diseases. To this end, they participate in interviews on radio and television, programs and pro-health campaigns (Gum Health Day, “Health First” or “Summer with Radio”). They also organize and participate in the organization of training courses in periodontology and mucosal diseases for hygienists, dentists and periodontists. Currently, dr Paweł Plakwicz is employed as visiting professor at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, USA.

In coordination with EFP, prof. Renata Górska organizes an annual expert panel devoted to one of the issues of the relationship between periodontal disease and general health and systemic diseases. The result of the panel is the publication of joint recommendations in dental and general medical journals.

Conducted scientific work

The Department conducts clinical trials as part of the doctoral studies and grants awarded by the Medical University of Warsaw, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the National Center for Research and Development. The Department also participates in multicentre clinical trials and works commissioned by commercial entities, currently in the field of assessing the effectiveness of non-surgical treatment of periodontal diseases by evaluating the periodontal pocket with the use of a Perioscope and surgical treatment in the field of bone defects regeneration and mucogingival surgery.

Didactic achievements

The employees of the Department are multiple winners of individual and team teaching awards of the Rector of the Medical University of Warsaw. They are the authors and co-authors of numerous scientific monographs and translations of foreign studies in the field of periodontology and mucosal diseases. As part of cooperation with the European Federation of Periodontology, the Department implements EFP clinical recommendations and recommendations on an ongoing basis, and updates the curriculum, adapting it to the latest standards in force in Europe and in the world.

Healing achievements

Zakład corocznie wypełnia kontrakt zlecony przez Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia, leczy także Pacjentów na zasadach komercyjnych. Dzięki możliwościom stworzonym w Uniwersyteckim Centrum Stomatologii lekarze i studenci mają możliwość prowadzenia u Pacjentów leczenia na najwyższym światowym poziomie, niezależnie od stopnia skomplikowania schorzenia. Zlokalizowanie klinik stomatologicznych w jednym miejscu umożliwia bezproblemowe leczenie wielospecjalistyczne najbardziej skomplikowanych przypadków klinicznych.

Events, awards, social functions

Every year, the employees of the Department participate in the “Health First” campaign organized by prof. dr Henryk Skarżyński, National Consultant in the field of otolaryngology.

In connection with the management of the Polish Society of Periodontology, the employees of the Department annually organize a press conference on the occasion of the Gum Health Day, celebrated by EFP on May 12. Every year they also organize a periodontal conference, to which the greatest authorities in the field of periodontology are invited.

The employees of the Department are laureates of numerous individual and team scientific and organizational awards of the Rector of the Medical University of Warsaw.



prof. dr Renata Górska


dr hab. Jan Kowalski

dr Paweł Plakwicz

dr Monika Borakowska-Siennicka

dr Katarzyna Charazińska-Carewicz

dr Bartłomiej Górski

dr Maciej Nowak

dr Agata Orzechowska

dr Maciej Zaremba


dr Andrzej Miskiewicz

lek. stom. Anna Grzegorczyk-Jaźwińska

lek stom. Małgorzata Wyszyńska-Pomian


dr Anna Godzieba

lek stom. Szymon Chełstowski

lek stom. Weronika Miazga-Rychlik

lek stom. Emilia Milczarek

lek stom. Daniel Poszytek

lek stom. Paulina Szmeichel

lek stom. Sebastian Wojtasiak


mgr Ewa Brochocka- coordinating nurse

Marta Borysik – qualified dental hygienist

Beata Gizińska – qualified dental hygienist

Marta Rateńska – qualified dental hygienist

Elżbieta Mazur – dental assistance


Ewa Grochowska – specialist